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Principles of Marketing FYBMS Semester II

Principles of Marketing FYBMS Semester II


Principles of Marketing

FYBMS Semester II


Module -1 : Introduction to Marketing (15 Lec.)
l Introduction to Marketing : Definition, features, advantages and scope of marketing. The 4P’s and 4C’s of marketing. Marketing v/s Selling. Marketing as an activity and function.
l Concepts of Marketing: Needs, wants and demands, transactions, transfer and exchanges.
l Orientations of a firm: Production concept; Product concept; selling concept and marketing concept, social relationship, Holistic marketing.

Module-2 : Marketing Environment, Research and Consumer Behaviour (15 Lec.)
l The micro environment of business: Management structure; Marketing Channels; Markets in which a firm operates; competitors and stakeholders.
l Macro environment: Political Factors; Economic Factors; Socio-Cultural Factors, Technological Factors (PEST Analysis)
l Marketing research: Meaning, features, Importance of marketing research. Types of marketing research: Product research; Sales research; consumer/customer research; production research.
l MIS - Meaning, features and Importance.
l Consumer Behavior - Meaning, features, importance, factors affecting Consumer Behavior.

Module - 3 : Marketing mix (15 Lec.)
l Meaning – Elements of Marketing Mix
l Product-product mix - product line lifecycle - product planning – New product development - failure of new product - levels of product
l Branding – Packing and packaging – role and importance
l Pricing – objectives- factors influencing pricing policy and Pricing strategy
l Physical distribution – meaning – factor affecting channel selection -types of marketing channels
l Promotion – meaning and significance of promotion. Promotion tools (brief)

Module-4 : Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning & Trends in Marketing (15 Lec.)
l Segmentation – meaning, importance, basis
l Targeting – meaning, types
l Positioning – meaning – strategies
l New trends in marketing – E-marketing, Internet marketing and marketing using Social network
l Social marketing/ Relationship marketing

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ISBN-13 978-93-89293-44-9
AUTHOR Michael Vaz, Meeta Seta
YEAR 2019
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SUBJECT Principles of Marketing FYBMS Semester II