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Principles of Management FYBMS Semester II

Principles of Management FYBMS Semester II


Principles of Management

FYBMS Semester II


Unit - I : Nature of Management (15 Lec.)
l Management : Concept, Significance, Role and Skills, Levels of Management, Concepts of PODSCORB, Managerial Grid
l Evolution of Management Thoughts, Contribution of F. W. Taylor, Henri Fayol and Contingency Approach

Unit - II : Planning and Decision Making (15 Lec.)
l Planning : Meaning, Importance, Elements, Process, Limitations and MBO
l Decision Making : Meaning, Importance, Process, Techniques of Decision Making

Unit - III : Organising (15 Lec.)
l Organising : Concepts, Structure (Formal & Informal, Line & Staff and Matrix), Meaning, Advantages and Limitations
l Departmentation : Meaning, Basis and Significance
l Span of Control : Meaning, Graicunas Theory, Factors Affecting Span of Control
l Centralization v/s. Decentralization
l Delegation : Authority and Responsibility Relationship

Unit - IV : Directing, Leadership, Co-ordination and Controlling (15 Lec.)
l Directing : Meaning and Process
l Leadership : Meaning, Styles and Qualities of Good Leader
l Co-ordination as an Essence of Management
l Controlling : Meaning, Process and Techniques
l Recent Trends : Green Management and CSR

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ISBN-13 978-93-89293-23-4
AUTHOR Michael Vaz, Meeta Seta
YEAR 2019
ED Fourth
SUBJECT Principles of Management