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Research Methodology for Business MCOM Semester II

Research Methodology For Business MCOM Semester II


Research Methodology  For Business

MCOM Part 1 Semester II


1 Introduction to Research (15 Lec.)
l Features and Importance of research in business, Objectives and Types of research- Basic, Applied, Descriptive, Analytical and Empirical Research.
l Formulation of research problem, Research Design, significance of Review of Literature
l Hypothesis: Formulation, Sources, Importance and Types
l Sampling : Significance, Methods, Factors determining sample size

2. Research Process (15 Lec.)
l Stages in Research Process
l Data Collection : Primary data: Observation, Experimentation, Interview, Schedules, Survey
l Limitations of Primary data
l Secondary data : Sources and Limitations
l Factors affecting the choice of method of data collection
l Questionnaire: Types, Steps in Questionnaire Designing, Essentials of a good questionnaire

3. Data Processing and Statistical Analysis (15 Lec.)
l Data Processing : Significance in Research, Stages in Data Processing: Editing, Coding, Classification, Tabulation, Graphic Presentation
l Statistical Analysis : Tools and Techniques, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis.
l Testing of Hypotheses –
     - Parametric Test - t test, f test, z test
     - Non-Parametric Test - Chi square test, ANOVA, Factor Analysis
l Interpretation of Data : Significance and Precautions in data Interpretation

4. Research Reporting and Modern Practices in Research (15 Lec.)
l Research Report Writing: Importance, Essentials, Structure/ layout, Types
l References and Citation Methods :
     - APA (American Psychological Association)
     - CMS (Chicago Manual Style)
     - MLA (Modern Language Association)
l Footnotes and Bibliography
l Modern Practices : Ethical Norms in Research, Plagiarism, Role of Computers in Research

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AUTHOR Michael Vaz and Aurora vaz
YEAR 2018
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SUBJECT Research Methodology for Business MCOM Semester II