Business Environment FYBMS Semester II

Business Environment FYBMS Semester II


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Business Environment

FYBMS Semester II


Unit - 1 : Introduction to Business Environment (15 Lec.)
l Business – Meaning, Definition, Nature & Scope, Types of Business Organizations.
l Business Environment - Meaning, Characteristics, Scope and Significance, Components of Business Environment.
l Micro and Macro Environment - Definition, Differentiation, Analysis of Business Environment, SWOT Analysis.
l Introduction to Micro-Environment –
Internal Environment: Value system, Mission, Objectives, Organizational Structure, Organizational Resources, Company Image, Brand Equity
External Environment: Firm, customers, suppliers, distributors, Competitors, Society
l Introduction to Macro Components – Demographic, Natural, Political, Social, Cultural, Economic, Technological, International and Legal

Unit - 2 : Political and Legal Environment (15 Lec.)
l Political Institutions - Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Role of government in Business, Legal framework in India.
l Economic environment- Economic system and economic policies. Concept of Capitalism, Socialism and Mixed Economy
l Impact of business on Private sector, Public sector and Joint sector
l Sun-rise sectors of India Economy. Challenges of Indian economy.

Unit - 3 : (15 Lec.)
l Social and Cultural Environment - Nature, Impact of foreign culture on Business, Traditional Values and its Impact, Social Audit - Meaning and Importance of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Business
l Technological Environment - Features, Impact of technology on Business
l Competitive Environment - Meaning, Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Competitive Strategies

Unit - 4 : International Environment (15 Lec.)
l International Environment
     - GATT/ WTO: Objective and Evolution of GATT, Uruguay round, GATT v/s WTO, Functions of WTO, Pros and Cons of WTO.
     - Globalization - Meaning , Nature and stages of Globalization, features of Globalization, Foreign Market entry strategies, LPG model.
     - MNCs - Definition, meaning, merits, demerits, MNCs in India
     - FDI - Meaning, FDI concepts and functions, Need for FDI in developing countries, Factors influencing FDI, FDI operations in India,
l Challenges faced by International Business and Investment Opportunities for Indian Industry.

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ISBN-13 978-93-89293-55-5
AUTHOR Dr. Ritu Vashisht, Dr. Sulbha S. Raorane
YEAR 2019
ED Third
SUBJECT Business Environment FYBMS Semester II