Business Economics II FYBCOM Semester II

Business Economics II FYBCOM Semester II


Business Economics II

FYBCOM Semester II


1. Market Structure : Perfect Competition and Monopoly  (10 Lec.)
Perfect competition and Monopoly models as two extreme cases - profit maximisation and the competitive firm’s supply curve - Short run and long run equilibrium of a firm and of industry - monopoly - Sources of monopoly power – short run and long- run equilibrium of a firm under Monopoly

2. Pricing and Output Decisions under Imperfect Competition  (15 Lec.)
Monopolistic Competition : Competitive and monopolistic elements of monopolistic competition - equilibrium of a firm under monopolistic competition, monopolistic competition verses perfect competition- excess capacity and inefficiency - debate over role of advertising (topics to be taught using case studies from real life examples)
Oligopolistic markets: key attributes of oligopoly - Collusive and non collusive oligopoly market - Price rigidity - Cartels and price leadership models (with practical examples)

3. Pricing Practices (10 Lec.)
Cost oriented pricing methods : Cost – plus (full cost) pricing, marginal cost pricing, Mark up pricing, discriminating pricing, multiple – product pricing - transfer pricing (case studies on how pricing methods are used in business world)

4. Evaluating Capital Projects (10 Lec.)
Meaning and importance of capital budgeting- steps in capital budgeting - + Techniques of Investment appraisal : Payback Period Method, Net Present Value Method, and Internal Rate of Return Method (with numerical examples)

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AUTHOR Mascarenhas, Johnson, Chaterjee
YEAR 2019
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SUBJECT Business Economics II FYBCOM Semester II