International Economics TYBA Semester VI

International Economics TYBA Semester VI


International Economics

TYBA Semester VI


Module - 1 : Introduction
Importance of the study of International Economics - An overview of world trade - Distinction between Domestic & International Trade -Concepts of Cost Difference , Adam Smith’s Theory of International Trade, The Ricardian Theory.

Module - 2 : Modern Theories of International Trade
Heckshcher-Ohlin Theory of International Trade, Factor Abundance: Two Criteria, Leontief Paradox, Haberler’s theory of Opportunity Cost, Law of reciprocal demand and offer curves, Role of Factor Accumulation, Stolper-Samuelson theorem.

Module - 3 : Importance of Trade and Recent Trends
Monopolistic Competition and Trade - firm heterogeneity, FDI: The concept and role, FDI Inflows- FDI Outflows, and the global supply chain, Business Process Outsourcing.

Module - 4 : Trade Policy and Regionalism
Instruments of Trade Policy; Why countries Cooperate? - GATT, GATS, Regional Trade Agreements - Controversies in Trade Policy (Labour Standards, IPR and environment) - ASEAN, SAARC, SAFTA, Protectionism.

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SUBJECT International Economics TYBA Semester VI