Commerce II Semester II

Commerce II FYBCOM Semester II


Commerce II

FYBCOM Semester II


Module - I : Concept of Services [12 Lectures]
l Introduction : Meaning, Characteristics, Scope and Classification of Services – Importance of service sector in the Indian context.
l Marketing Mix for Services : Consumer Expectations, Services Mix, Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Process of Services delivery, Physical evidence and people.
l Service Strategies : Market research and Service development cycle, Managing demand and capacity, opportunities and challenges in service sector.

Module – II : Retailing [12 Lectures]
l Introduction : Concept of organized and unorganized retailing, Trends in retailing, growth of organized retailing in India, Survival strategies for unorganized Retailers.
l Retail Format : Store format, Non–Store format, Store Planning, design and layout.
l Retail Scenario : Retail Scenario in India and Global context – Prospects and Challenges in India.
Mall Management – Retail Franchising. FDI in Retailing, Careers in Retailing.

Module – III : Recent Trends In Service Sector
[10 Lectures]
l Ites Sector : Concept and Scope of BPO, KPO, LPO and ERP.
l Banking and Insurance Sector : ATM, Debit & Credit Cards, Internet Banking – Opening of Insurance sector for private players, FDI and its impact on Banking and Insurance Sector in India.
l Logistics : Net working – Importance – Challenges.

Module – IV : E-commerce [11 Lectures]
l Introduction : Meaning, Features, Functions and Scope of E-Commerce - Importance and Limitations of E-Commerce.
l Types of E-Commerce : Basic ideas and Major activities of B2C, B2B, C2C.
l Present Status of E-Commerce in India : Transition to E-Commerce in India, E-Transition Challenges for Indian Corporates; On-line Marketing Research.

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