Commerce - III SYBCOM Semester III

Commerce - III SYBCOM Semester III


Commerce - III


Semester III

1. Introduction To Management (11 Lec.)
l Management- Concept, Nature, Functions, Managerial Skills & Competencies
l Evolution of Management Thoughts
   Classical Approach: Scientific Management – F.W.Taylor’s Contribution
   Classical Organisation Theory: Henri Fayol’s Principles
   Neo Classical : Human Relations Approach – Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne experiments
l Modern Management Approach - PeterDrucker’s Dimensions of Management, Indian Management Thoughts: Origin & Significance of Indian Ethos to Management.

2. Planning & Decision Making (10 Lec.)
l Planning - Steps, Importance, Components, Coordination – Importance
l M.B.O - Process, Advantages, Management By Exception- Advantages; Management Information System - Concept, Components
l Decision Making - Techniques, Essentials of a Sound Decision Making, Impact of Technology on Decision Making

3. Organising (12 Lec.)
l Organising - Steps, Organisation Structures - Features of Line & Staff Organisation, Matrix Organisation, Virtual Organisation, Formal v/s Informal Organisation
l Departmentation - Meaning - Bases, Span of Management - Factors Influencing Span of Management, Tall and Flat Organisation
l Delegation of Authority - Process, Barriers to Delegation, Principles of Effective Delegation. Decentralisation : Factors Influencing Decentralisation, Centralization v/s         Decentralisation

4 Directing And Controlling (12 Lec.)
l Motivation - Concept, Importance, Influencing factors.
   Importance of Communication, Barriers to effective Communication
l Leadership - Concept, Functions, Styles, Qualities of a good leader.
l Controlling - Concept, Steps, Essentials of good control system, Techniques of Controlling - PERT, CPM, Budgetary Control, Management Audit.

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