Microeconomics-III TYBA Semester V

Microeconomics-III TYBA Semester V


Microeconomics - III (Paper VII)


Semester V

Module - 1 : Monopoly


Sources of Monopoly - Profit maximising monopoly – Calculation of price, output and profit for a monopoly - Price discrimination: First, Second and Third degree - Public policy towards monopoly


Module - 2 : Basics of Game Theory


Prisoner’s Dilemma – Dominant Strategy Equilibrium – Battle of Sexes Game – Nash Equilibrium – Extensive form Games – Game Tree


Module - 3 : Oligopoly


The Cournot Model – The Bertrand Model – The Edgeworth Model – The Chamberlin Model – The Kinked Demand Curve Model – Collusion and Cartels – Price Leadership


Module - 4 : General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics


Interdependence in the Economy – General Equilibrium and its Existence -The Pareto Optimality Condition of Social Welfare, Marginal Conditions for Pareto Optimal Resource Allocation.


Perfect Competition and Pareto Optimality – Kaldor- Hicks Compensation Criterion - Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem.




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ISBN-13 978-93-87547-64-3
AUTHOR A. D. Mascarenhas, Dr. P. A. Johnson, K. P. Mody
YEAR 2018
ED First
SUBJECT Microeconomics-III TYBA Semester V