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Commerce - IV (Management : Production and Finance) SYBCOM Semester IV

Commerce - IV (Management : Production and Finance) SYBCOM Semester IV



(Management : Production and Finance)

SYBCOM Semester IV - Mumbai University


1. Production & Inventory Management (11 Lec.)

l Production Management : Objectives, Scope

Production Planning & Control : Steps, Importance 

l Production Systems : Concept, Types - Continuous and Intermittent.

Productivity: Concept, Factors Influencing Productivity, Measures for improving Productivity. 

l Inventory Management - Objectives, Inventory Control - Techniques.

Scientific Inventory Control System - Importance

2. Quality Management (10 Lec.) 

l Introduction to Quality: Dimensions of Quality,

Cost of Quality : Types - Internal Failure Cost, External Failure Cost, Appraisal Cost, Prevention Cost,

Quality Circle: Features 

l Quality Management Tools : TQM – Importance, Six Sigma – Process, ISO 9000 – Certification Procedure, Kaizen – Process

l Service Quality Management: Importance, SERVQUAL Model, Measures to improve service quality.

3. Indian Financial System (12 Lec.) 

l Indian Financial Market : Structure, Primary Market – IPO Procedure Dematerialisation : Process, Role of Depositories: NSDL and CDSL

l SEBI: Functions of SEBI, Investors protection measures of SEBI. Stock Exchange – Functions, Speculators.

l Credit Rating: Advantages, Credit Rating Agencies in India - CRISIL, CARE, and ICRA.

4. Recent Trends In Finance (12 Lec.) 

l Mutual Funds - Advantages and Limitations, Types, Factors responsible for growth of mutual funds – Systematic Investment Plan.

l Commodity Market: Categories,

Derivatives Market: Types, Participants, Types of Derivative Instruments. 

l Start-up Ventures – Concept, Sources of Funding,

Micro Finance – Importance, Role of Self Help Groups



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