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Financial Accounting Semester VI

Financial Accounting Semester VI



TYBCOM Semester VI


1. Final Accounts of Co-operative Housing Society
(i) Provisions of Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act & Rules
(ii) Accounting provisions including appropriations to various fund
(iii) Format of final accounts – Form N
(iv) Simple Practical problems on preparation of final accounts of Co-operative Housing Society

2. Ascertainment and Treatment of Profit Prior to Incorporation with :
(i) Principles for ascertainment
(ii) Preparation of separate, combined and columnar profit and loss a/c including different basis of allocation of expenses/ incomes

3. Valuation of Goodwill and Shares
3.1 Valuation of Goodwill
(i) Maintainable Profit Method
(ii) Super Profit Method - based on Simple Average Method
(iii) Capitalisation Method - based on Simple Average Method
3.2 Valuation of Shares
(i) Intrinsic Value Method
(ii) Yield Method

4. Accounting for Translation of Foreign Currency Transactions vide AS 11 (excluding foreign branches and forward exchange contracts and hedging contracts)
4.1 “In relation to purchase and sale of goods, services and assets and loan and credit transactions.”
4.2 Computation and treatment of exchange differences

5. Buy Back of Equity Shares
(i) Company Law / Legal Provisions (including related restrictions, power, transfer to capital redemption reserve account and prohibitions)
(ii) Compliance of conditions including sources, maximum limits and debt equity ratio

Note : Final accounts of limited companies wherever applicable should be as per the format prescribed by Revised Schedule VI of Companies Act 1956 as per NOTIFICATION NO. S.0.447 (E), DATED 28-2-2011 [AS AMENDED BY NOTIFICATION NO. F.NO. 2/6/2008-CL-V, DATED 30-3-2011]

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ISBN-13 978-93-86758-42-2
AUTHOR Ainapure - Ainapure
YEAR 2017
ED Fourth
SUBJECT Financial Accounting