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Communication Skills in English FYBA Semester I

Communication Skills in English FYBA Semester I


Communication Skills in English


Semester I


Unit - 1 : Basic Language Skills : Grammar (9 Lectures)
a. Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions
b. Transformation of Sentences (Simple, Compound, Complex)
c. Tenses
d. Subject-Verb Agreement
e. Question Tags
f. Direct and Indirect Speech
g. Voice

Unit - 2 : Reading Skills : Comprehension (unseen passage) (9 Lectures)
The following skills to be acquired:
l Reading with fluency and speed
l Skimming and scanning
l Identifying relevant information
l Isolating fact from opinion
l Understanding concepts and arguments
l Identifying distinctive features of language
(Passage should be of 250-350 words of Level I. The passage may be taken from literary/scientific/technical writing as well as from the fields of journalism, management and commerce.)

Unit - 3 : Writing Skills (Formal Correspondence): Letters (9 Lectures)
a. Job Application Letter (without Resume)
b. Statement of Purpose
c. Request for Recommendation Letter
d. Request for information under Right to Information Act (RTI)

Unit - 4 : Interpretation of Technical Data (9 Lectures)
Students should be taught to read and interpret maps, pie charts, tables, line and bar graphs and flow charts and express the same in paragraph format.

Unit - 5 : Writing Skills: Essay (9 Lectures)
a. Expository
b. Persuasive
c. Analytical
d. Reflective/Descriptive

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