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Business Law FYBAF Semester II

Business Law - Business Regulatory Framework - Paper - I FYBAF Semester II


Business Law - Business Regulatory Framework - Paper - I

FYBAF Semester II


1. Law of Contract, 1872
(a) Nature of Contract 
(b) Classification of Contracts 
(c) Offer and Acceptance 
(d) Capacity of Parties to Contract 
(e) Free Consents 
(f) Consideration
(g) Legality of Object 
(h) Agreement Declared Void 
(i) Performance of Contract 
(j) Discharge of Contract 
(k) Remedies for Breach of Contract 
(l) Indemnity 
(m) Guarantee 
(n) Bailment and Pledge 
(o) Agency 

2. Sale of Goods Act, 1930
(a) Formation of Contract of Sale 
(b) Goods and Their Classifications 
(c) Price, Conditions and Warranties 
(d) Transfer of Properties in Goods 
(e) Performance of Contract of Sales 
(f) Unpaid Seller and his Rights 
(g) Sale by Auction 
(h) Hire Purchase Agreement 

3. Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
(a) Definition of Negotiable Instruments 
(b) Features of Negotiable Instruments 
(c) Promissory Note
(d) Bill of Exchange and Cheque 
(e) Holder and Holder in Due Course 
(f) Crossing of a Cheque 
(g) Types of Crossing 
(h) Dishonour and Discharge of Negotiable Instrumens 

4. Consumer Protection Act, 1986
(a) Salient Features 
(b) Definition of Consumers 
(c) Deficiency in Service 
(d) Defects in Goods 

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ISBN-13 978-93-89293-41-8
AUTHOR Lata Nagarkar
YEAR 2019
ED Third
SUBJECT Business Law