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Business Economics - VI TYBCOM Semester VI

Business Economics - VI TYBCOM Semester VI


Business Economics - VI

TYBCOM Semester VI


Module - I : International Trade (15 Lectures)
Theories of International Trade : Comparative Cost Theory, Heckscher Ohlin Theory, Terms of Trade : Meaning & Types, Gains From Trade (with Offer Curves)

Module - II : Balance of Payment and WTO (10 Lectures)
Concept & Structure of BOP, Causes of Disequilibrium, Measures to Correct Disequilibrium in BOP - India’s BOP Position since 1991 - WTO Agreements with reference to TRIPS, TRIMS and GATS

Module - III : Foreign Exchange Market (10 Lectures)
Concept of Foreign Exchange Market : Functions and Dealers - Exchange Rate Systems - Spot and Forward Exchange Rate - Hedging, Arbitrage and Speculation

Module - IV : Exchange Rate Management (10 Lectures)
Exchange Rate Determination - Purchasing Power Parity Theory - Role of Central Banks in Foreign Exchange Market - RBI’s Intervention in Foreign Exchange Rate Management Since 1991 (Stages)

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ISBN-13 978-93-86758-45-3
AUTHOR Johnson, Mascarenhas, Chaterjee
YEAR 2017
ED Fourth
SUBJECT Business Economics - VI TYBCOM Semester VI